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Registration goes live for cs_summit 8 qualifiers

Beyond the Summit has opened registration for the open qualifiers for cs_summit 8 Online, the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event in North America. The tournament will run from May 14-30 and award points towards the RMR leaderboard, which will be used to determine the teams attending the PGL Major Stockholm in October.

Two teams will advance from each open qualifier, scheduled for May 1-2 and May 8-9, and will meet invited teams in closed stage, set to run from May 14-18 as part of the broadcast’s “main event”.

Both open qualifiers will utilise single-elimination best-of-one brackets leading up to the quarter-finals, with the top-eight and top-four match-ups using a best-of-three format to decide the two teams that advance.

The dates for the cs_summit 8 qualifiers are as follows:

Open Qualifier #1: 1-2 May – Signup
Open Qualifier #2: 8-9 May – Signup

Closed Qualifier: 14-18 May

The RMR standings for North America, taking into account lineup changes from the previous season and their resulting point deductions, are as follows:

1-2. Brazil FURIA – 480 points
1-2. Oceania EXTREMUM – 480 points
3. North America Evil Geniuses – 360 points
4. United States Liquid – 240 points

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