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Anonymo, GameAgents through to Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier

Anonymo and GameAgents have secured the top two spots in the third open qualifier to advance to the Flashpoint 3 closed bracket. The duo will join Sangal, Movistar Riders, Tricked and Lilmix in the next stage of the qualification process for the European Regional Major Ranking event.

Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski’s Anonymo earned their spot with dominant victories in their last three matches over Galaxy Racer, OFFSET and DBL PONEY in the single-elimination bracket.

Snax and co. continue their qualification quest in the next stage

Meanwhile, GameAgents had a tougher route. The Romanian side initially lost in a thirty-round affair in the Round of 16 to RatPatrol, but the team was disqualified after one player had been found to have a VAC ban. GameAgents subsequently moved on and fought hard to beat Cowana and los kogutos in three-map series.

The fourth and final open qualifier, which will feature last-gasp attempts from the likes of Sinners and DBL PONEY, will run from April 24-25 and hold two spots at the closed stage. There, eight teams from the open qualifiers and eight invited sides will battle it out for five places at the main event, Flashpoint 3.

The team list for the closed qualifier, which will run from April 27-30, currently looks as follows:

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