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DETONA withdraw from CBCS RMR over alleged skin changer ban

DETONA have pulled out of CBCS Elite Season 1, the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament for South America in 2021, following allegations of a VAC banned account owned by Kaue “⁠kauez⁠” Kaschuk due to using a skin changer tool, the Brazilian organisation said on Saturday.

DETONA pledged to conduct an internal investigation into those claims, leaving the competition as a “demonstration of respect, transparency, and fair play for Valve, the tournament, and the community.” According to DETONA‘s statement, the ban long predates kauez‘s arrival on the team in January 2021 and went unnoticed when the organisation did a background check.

DETONA pull out of the the Sout American RMR

“DETONA is a serious company that respects rules and seeks the consolidation of esports in Brazil,” the statement read. “The management and the institution regret this affair and are available for the facts to be determined.”

The news comes as a huge blow for DETONA, who signed Nicolas “⁠NikoM⁠” Miozzi, formerly of Isurus and x6tence, and Lucas “⁠lux⁠” Meneghini ahead of the competition. The team’s victory against INTZ (16-13) on Friday during the opening day of the competition will be overturned.

DETONA are the second team to pull out of CBCS Elite Season 1. Bears, another Brazilian squad, withdrew from the RMR tournament on Thursday due to Mateus “⁠cidZzZ⁠” Piber Fão allegedly having a VAC ban on an old account.

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