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SKADE, DBL PONEY through to Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier

SKADE and DBL PONEY secured on Sunday the final two spots in the closed qualifier for Flashpoint 3 after finishing top two in the fourth open bracket. The pair will join six other qualified sides plus eight invited teams in the double-elimination closed qualifier, which will run from April 27-30.

DBL PONEY were first to qualify after beating fellow French sides Ambush, TheDice and LDLC in the final rounds of the bracket, with Aurélien “⁠afroo⁠” Drapier proving crucial in the 2-1 victory against his former team (1.41 rating on Nuke and 2.13 on Dust2). Alexandre “⁠bodyy⁠” Pianaro‘s side reach the closed bracket on their second attempt after losing to Anonymo in the final round of the previous qualifier.

NBK’s DBL PONEY move on to the Flashpoint 3 closed qualifier

SKADE, one of the most improved sides in Europe in the last couple of months, bounced back from the opening qualifier heartbreak with a clean run that culminated in 2-0 victories over DenDD and GamerLegion. The Bulgarian team have a hectic week coming up as they will also make appearances in four other tournaments, including Spring Sweet Spring 1 and the closed qualifier for IEM Summer.

SKADE‘s qualification means that SAW are the only European team inside the top 30 that will not play in Flashpoint 3 or the closed qualifier. The following 16 sides will compete for five spots in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament:

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