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cs_summit 8 invites revealed |

FURIA, Liquid, Evil Geniuses and EXTREMUM have received invites to the group stage of cs_summit 8 as the highest-ranked teams in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) standings, while Extra Salt, paiN, GODSENT and Bad News Bears have been invited to the closed qualifier.

The closed stage will run from May 14-18 and feature the aforementioned quartet as well as four sides from the open qualifiers. All matches will be played as best-of-three affairs in a double-elimination bracket, with the top four advancing to the next phase.

FURIA and EXTREMUM lead the way in the RMR standings

Phase three will see the main event of cs_summit 8 kick off with two GSL groups, where FURIA, Liquid, Evil Geniuses and EXTREMUM will square off with the four best teams from the closed stage from May 20-24. The top two sides from each group will progress to the playoffs’ upper bracket and the third-placed teams to the lower bracket.

The playoffs will take place from May 26-30 to round out the $50,000 RMR event and culminate with a best-of-five grand final, with a 5th-6th place decider also being played to determine the final standings.

The cs_summit 8 team list can be found below:

The closed qualifier will have the following teams:

The Regional Major Ranking standings for North America, which have been updated to reflect roster changes and the subsequent point deductions, currently looks as follows:

1-2. Brazil FURIA – 480 points
1-2. Oceania EXTREMUM – 480 points
3. North America Evil Geniuses – 360 points
4. United States Liquid – 240 points

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