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Elisa, Relog Media, FunSpark unite to form $2.7m event circuit for 2021-2022

Elisa Esports, the Finnish broadcasting company behind the Elisa Invitational tournaments, announced on Monday the creation of the “Elisa Champion of Champions Tour” in cooperation with Relog Media, FunSpark, and GRID. The companies will give out a total of $2.7 million during 2021-2022, putting all of their events under one umbrella, and adding an overarching Point System to rate performance within it.

Head of Elisa Esports Teemu Koski explained that the project aims to give top teams — including those not partnered with ESL, BLAST, or Flashpoint —, a place to prove their worth: “With the extended tournament structure co-operated with Relog Media and FunSpark, we wanted to provide a new way for European top teams to better their rankings and compete, even if they are not official partners with the largest commercial leagues”.

A new tournament circuit has been unveiled

The shared tournament structure will comprise Relog Media’s Home Sweet Home-style cups, FunSpark’s ULTI events, and the seasonal Elisa Invitationals. However, that is just the base layer of the circuit, as each of the three tournament organizers will host a separate $250,000 Masters LAN event as well, with Relog Media having already announced LAN Sweet LAN for February 2022. The pinnacle of the competition will be the Elisa Champion of Champion tournament, described as “a new tier 1 event for the global esports fans” and scheduled for Fall 2022.

Tying it all together will be a Points System based on GRID’s scoring data for the teams, with the esports data platform making sure there is “an easy way for teams and spectators to follow the journey throughout the annual seasons”, Elisa Esports explain in their announcement.

Points will be allocated to teams based on their performances in the online and LAN tournaments, with the highest-scoring ones invited to Elisa Champion of Champions. More details regarding the flagship event as well as the Points System will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The Elisa Champion of Champions Tour looks as follows:

Qualification Stages (2021-2022)

Home Sweet Home tournaments ($1,200,000 prize money)
Elisa Invitational tournaments ($400,000)
Funspark tournaments ($330,000)

LAN Stages (2022)

LAN Sweet LAN Masters tournament ($250,000 prize money)
Elisa Masters tournament ($250,000)
Funspark ULTI Grand Finals ($300,000)
Elisa Champion of Champions (prize money TBA)

In addition to announcing the cooperation with Relog Media, FunSpark, and GRID, Elisa Esports has also revealed details regarding upcoming Elisa Invitational events. The tournaments will be held quarterly, each featuring a total of $100,000 prize money, but using a different format in comparison to the Spring edition that was won by SKADE.

Akin to Relog Media’s Spring Sweet Spring cups, the upcoming Elisa Invitationals will feature a four-stage system that includes a Finnish open qualifier, a regional Swiss stage, a main Swiss stage, and playoffs.

These are the upcoming Elisa Invitational tournaments:

Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 ($100,000 prize money)
Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 ($100,000)
Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 ($100,000)
Elisa Masters 2022 ($250,000)

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