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CSPPA reveals new board of players

The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) announced on Tuesday its new board of players, which was elected during the ongoing general assembly. Chris “⁠chrisJ⁠” de Jong and Nathan “⁠NBK-⁠” Schmitt are the only founding board members who remain on the council, which had been unchanged since the association was formed.

On Twitter, the CSPPA explained that Andreas “⁠Xyp9x⁠” Højsleth, Jonathan “⁠EliGE⁠” Jablonowski, Tarik “⁠tarik⁠” Celik, Epitacio “⁠TACO⁠” de Melo and Jordan “⁠n0thing⁠” Gilbert all decided to step down from their board duties ahead of the general assembly to allow for other players to be involved. Xyp9x and EliGE had been the chairman and vice-chairman of the board, respectively, since January 2020.

Among the new members is Vitality captain Dan “⁠apEX⁠” Madesclaire, who is also part of the recently-announced ESL Pro League Player Council.

The new CSPPA board of players includes:

NetherlandsChris “⁠chrisJ⁠” de Jong
FranceNathan “⁠NBK-⁠” Schmitt
South AfricaJohnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou
SwedenMaikil “⁠Golden⁠” Selim
FranceDan “⁠apEX⁠” Madesclaire
United KingdomMax “⁠MiGHTYMAX⁠” Heath
SlovakiaMartin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk

The CSPPA general assembly, the first in the history of the association, began on Monday and will run through Thursday to “ensure that as many players as possible are able to contribute,” according to the organisation. All players who are either employed/contracted or are actively seeking employment/contract as professional Counter-Strike players are eligible to vote in the assembly.

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