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OG, FPX qualify for IEM Summer 2021

OG and FunPlus Phoenix have become the two first teams to punch tickets to IEM Summer 2021 through the closed qualifier. OG did so by taking on Trident in the first stage and FaZe in their second stage opening match before going up against Movistar Riders, claiming all three series with 2-0 scorelines, while FunPlus Phoenix had to beat SKADE in the first stage of the closed qualifier before defeating BIG and G2.

Movistar Riders tripped up in the final hurdle as the only team left alive coming from the open qualifier in the first semi-final, as Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield and company trailed early on in their map pick, Overpass, which OG closed out without much fuss 16-5. Inferno started off in similar fashion, with OG taking a 10-5 lead on the attacking side, but this time around the squad led by Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen had to stave off a very real comeback attempt that took the map all the way to the very last round, which ended with the favorites closing the series out 16-14.

valde and co. had a clean run through the upper bracket

FunPlus Phoenix came out guns blazing in the second semi-final of the day, taking a 7-1 lead on the attacking side of Train, their map pick, on the way to a 16-6 victory. G2 then one-upped FunPlus Phoenix on Mirage with a 10-1 lead on the terrorist side as they rushed through their pick to secure a 16-3 victory, pushing the series into a decider map. Unlike the previous maps, FunPlus Phoenix and G2 kept it as close as can be on Inferno, with the former leading 8-7 after their CT side. Jesse “⁠zehN⁠” Linjala and company then charged ahead in a final effort on the terrorist side to secure the series 16-11 and claim their place at IEM Summer.

The two lower bracket semi-finals, pitting mousesports and Movistar Riders on one side and FaZe and G2 on the other, will kick off the final day of play on Wednesday. The two winning teams will then play the qualifier’s last match, the lower bracket final, which will grant the winner the final spot at IEM Summer 2021.





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