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Illuminar have parted ways with their Counter-Strike squad, the Polish organisation announced on Saturday. Fryderyk “Veggie” Kozioł, Illuminar’s Head of Esports, cited a “change in strategy and direction” as the reason behind the decision, adding that the players’ contracts were terminated by mutual agreement.

“I have no doubts that each of them will find a place in the top team,” he said. “The CS: GO division in Illuminar has not been closed, and plans for it will be presented shortly”.

GruBy’s time in Illuminar was short-lived

The Polish team struggled for success after signing with Illuminar in February, dropping out of the top 100 in the world rankings in mid-April. The team’s star AWPer, Kuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski, confirmed on Twitter that the squad will play out the ESL Polish Championship 2021 Spring and the Polish Esports League together, with the future after that left unclear.

The only member of the squad that remains tied to Illuminar is the coach Jędrzej “⁠Bogdan⁠” Rokita, who is expected to take part in building a new roster.

The following players are now free agents:

PolandDominik “⁠GruBy⁠” Swiderski
PolandPatryk “⁠Sidney⁠” Korab
PolandPiotr “⁠morelz⁠” Taterka
PolandKuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski
PolandMikołaj “⁠mouz⁠” Karolewski

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