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O PLANO, RBG advance to cs_summit 8 closed qualifier

O PLANO and RBG have topped the first cs_summit 8 open qualifier, booking spots in the closed stage that will run from May 14-18 and offer four spots in the North American Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event.

The early portions of the qualifier saw TeamOne fail to find success with their new addition, Enzo “⁠xns⁠” Henrique, falling to Counter Nature in the round of 16. Meanwhile, Imperial, who were able to play the event with Guilherme “⁠piriaz1n⁠” Barbosa after he had an alleged previous VAC ban cleared by Valve , also had their qualifier run brought to an early end after they lost out in the round of 32 to an ESEA Main roster.

vsm topped the board for O PLANO in their win over Triumph

The best-of-three quarter-final and qualifying rounds saw O PLANO prevail over Party Astronauts and Triumph in two-map affairs, with Alan “⁠Shakezullah⁠” Hardeman‘s side offering the Brazilian team strong competition in an overtime bout on Dust2 despite a map loss before narrowly conceding Nuke, avoiding a third map decider.

RBG had an easier time of things as they took down HeadShotKings with 16-7 victories on Vertigo and Nuke before fending off their fellow Premier competitors Third Impact, defeating them 2-0 following wins on Nuke and Inferno.

O PLANO and RBG join the list of teams in the closed qualifier, which consists of Extra Salt, Bad News Bears, GODSENT, and paiN, with two final teams set to earn their spot through the final open qualifier, which will play out from May 8-9.

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