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forZe defeat EPG Family to win Spring Sweet Spring 1

EPG Family, the recent ESEA Premier champions, were on the road to adding another notch to their belt with a clean run at Spring Sweet Spring. Dmitry “⁠hooch⁠” Bogdanov’s men were going into the grand final with a 6-0 record in the tournament and a broader 11-match winning streak, but forZe spoiled their countrymen’s plans by taking the final three-map thriller, which ended in the 30th round of the decider map, to win the title.

This grand final victory puts the squad led by Andrey “⁠Jerry⁠” Mekhryakov through to the LAN Sweet LAN tournament, where a plethora of winners from the same tournament series will face off in Belgrade, including Snow Sweet Snow frontrunners mousesports, HAVU and FunPlus Phoenix, with the initial tentative dates aiming at it taking place next February.

A 1vs2 by FL1T in the decider map’s last round gave forZe the victory

The grand final series started on Overpass, EPG Family‘s pick, although it was forZe who got ahead on the CT side. EPG Family quickly tied it up before a back-and-forth series of rounds ensued, although they finally took the three last rounds before the half. forZe brought the map back to a 12-12 tie with decisive offensives, but Aleksey “⁠El1an⁠” Gusev swung momentum in his team’s favor with a four-kill round after which EPG Family went on to close out the map to take the lead in the series.

EPG Family and forZe brawled in the opening rounds of Mirage, with clutches by Aleksey “⁠NickelBack⁠” Trofimov and Almaz “⁠almazer⁠” Asadullin swinging momentum back-and-forth like a pendulum, although it was the squad under the orders of hooch who were able to run away initially, leading 7-3. An impressive comeback put forZe on top at the half, however, as they chained five rounds in a row before switching sides. On the CT side forZe continued to throw their weight around and ran away with their pick, 16-10, to force a third map.

It appeared as though forZe were going to be able to bring their CT-side momentum to Dust2, going up 3-0, but EPG Family turned the tables in the early rounds, winning five in a row, although they again ran out of steam as Aleksandr “⁠zorte⁠” Zagodyrenko and co. took the remaining rounds in a 10-5 half. A quick five in a row by EPG Family tied things up going into the last 10 rounds of the series, but they failed to keep the pace and fell behind, 11-15. EPG Family made a last stand heroic attempt at sending the map to overtime, but a 1vs2 clutch by Evgeny “⁠FL1T⁠” Lebedev with seconds left in the final round of regulation sealed the deal for his team to win the title.



The Spring Sweet Spring 1 final standings are:

1. Russia forZe – $44,000 + LAN Sweet LAN
2. Russia EPG Family – $4,000
3-4. Sweden fnatic
3-4. Brazil FURIA
5-8. Europe ENCE
5-8. Oceania EXTREMUM – $4,000
5-8. Russia Spirit
5-8. Czech Republic Sinners – $4,000
9-12. Bulgaria SKADE – $6,000
9-12. Poland AGO – $3,000
9-12. Kazakhstan K23 – $6,000
9-12. Europe Lyngby Vikings – $6,000
13-15. North America Extra Salt
13-15. Sweden Apeks
13-15. Bulgaria Fiend – $3,000
16-18. Europe MAD Lions – $3,000
16-18. Denmark Copenhagen Flames
16-18. Brazil Case – $3,000
19-20. Poland Izako Boars – $3,000
19-20. Sweden Young Ninjas – $3,000
21-23. Denmark AGF – $1,000
21-23. France LDLC – $1,000
21-23. Sweden Galaxy Racer – $1,000
24-26. Belgium EC Brugge – $1,000
24-26. Europe Nordavind – $1,000
24-26. Poland M1 EDEN – $1,000
27-28. Ukraine EC Kyiv – $1,000
27-28. France Ambush – $1,000

The LAN Sweet LAN team list so far is:

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