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Thai esports organization NG has closed its doors, announcing the news on their Facebook on Friday. In the post, one of the organization’s owners Samakorn Mahawong was singled out as the reason for the operation shutting down, as his actions “led to an inevitable fall of the project due to lack of investment and support that was promised,” it is claimed.

The remaining co-founders were not responsible for Mahawong’s actions as the director of NG, according to the announcement, in which it is explained that the “CS:GO team, social media team, and the co-owners will continue to operate under a new banner” while looking for funding that would allow them to reach the vision they have for the team.

XigN and co. are looking for new funding

The former NG roster features standout players from five different Asian countries, with Hyun-Pyo “⁠XigN⁠” Lee headlining the team. Former TYLOO and Grayhound members Kevin “⁠xccurate⁠” Susanto and Erdenetsogt “⁠erkaSt⁠” Gantulga brought international experience to the table, with Thotsaphon “⁠cbbk⁠” Suphatthanaphalaphon and in-game leader Anthony “⁠ImpressioN⁠” Lim completing the lineup.

NG‘s team was finalized in January and played a limited number of HLTV-featured matches since, but intends to stick together as a five-man squad in hopes of leaving a mark on the Asian scene in the long run. The ex-NG squad is yet to announce under which name they will be competing moving forward.

NG had the following roster:

KoreaHyun-Pyo “⁠XigN⁠” Lee
SingaporeAnthony “⁠ImpressioN⁠” Lim
IndonesiaKevin “⁠xccurate⁠” Susanto
ThailandThotsaphon “⁠cbbk⁠” Suphatthanaphalaphon
MongoliaErdenetsogt “⁠erkaSt⁠” Gantulga

ThailandPiyangoon “⁠MYM⁠” Kitisin (coach)

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