Counter Strike: Global Offensive

PACT sign bnox |

The Polish team’s roster is once again complete following the departure of Arek “⁠Vegi⁠” Nawojski.

PACT have announced the signing of their new fifth player, Bartosz “⁠bnox⁠” Niebisz. The 21-year-old has joined the Polish side from Pompa to fill the gap left by Vegi, who stepped down from the team in April only three months into his stint.

The changes come in the aftermath of a disappointing showing in the 36th season of ESEA Premier, in which the Dawid “⁠lunAtic⁠” Cieślak-led squad placed 16th after winning two in eight matches in Group B, resulting in the organization’s demotion to ESEA Advanced for season 37.

bnox finalizes PACT’s lineup after a brief trial

bnox was bought out from his previous organization, Pompa, following a two-week trial period, during which he played his first official matches with PACT in qualifiers for IEM Summer and Flashpoint 3 without success and helped them pick up two wins in LOOT.BET Season 9.

His debut as a permanent member of the squad will take place in the last round of the latter tournament’s Swiss group stage, in which PACT are set to lock horns with compatriots Anonymo for a spot in the playoffs on Friday at 13:20