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mousesports brush aside fnatic in Flashpoint 3 opening round

mousesports defeated fnatic decisively in their opening Flashpoint 3 series with a 2-0 scoreline on Inferno (16-8) and Overpass (16-4). Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong and company are now through to the upper bracket quarter-final, where they will face BIG next week to try and follow up on their initial success and start to cement their identity under the Australian in-game leader.

fnatic, who have been struggling to find form ever since their second-place finish at cs_summit 7 in January and have dipped down to No. 25 in the rankings since, are now up against the ropes as they will play the first round of elimination matches in the RMR tournament’s lower bracket against Complexity on Saturday.

dexter put forth a confident showing against fnatic

The match kicked off on fnatic’s map pick, Inferno, but mousesports were the one to set the pace on the CT side, taking a very hefty 9-2 lead with both dexter and Robin “⁠ropz⁠” Kool putting up very strong performances. The Swedes started to find footing late in the half, and won the final three rounds to bring it back to a palatable 6-9, but mousesports immediately hit double digits after the switch and regained the upper hand on the attack, cruising to a 16-8 victory to take the series lead going into their map pick.

Completely at ease after winning the first map, mousesports turned around a lost pistol round in the second round forcebuy, after which they didn’t look back and steamrolled their opponents on the offense, 12-3. Having come out on top in the second pistol round, David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský and company looked poised to rush to the finish line, and although fnatic tried to throw a wrench in mousesports’ plans by securing the second round forcebuy, they weren’t able to follow it up and the European squad secured the map 16-4 to bag the series.



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