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Finest revamp roster with Radifaction, Rock1nG

Finest have brought on three new players, Haakon “⁠Radifaction⁠” Tholo, Ivan “⁠Rock1nG⁠” Stratiev and rilax, to round out their roster ahead of BLAST Rising and the ESEA Advanced season.

The incoming trio are taking the places of Tal “⁠meztal⁠” Hahiashvili, Sebastian “⁠Basso⁠” Aagaard and Maksim “⁠t0rick⁠” Zaikin, who left the squad in March, and are joining the two remaining players from the previous roster, Shiran “⁠shushan⁠” Shushan and Kristjan “⁠fejtZ⁠” Allsaar.

Radifaction is one of three new players joining Finest

Before Finest, Radifaction started the year with MNA‘s European squad, which disbanded when the organization shuttered in April, while Rock1nG joined FATE at the same time and played a season of ESEA Premier before leaving the Bulgarian squad after poor results ended in relegation. rilax left Lyngby Vikings in April after three months with the team, briefly stepping in for EC Brugge at the beginning of the month before signing with the Israeli organization.

Rounding out the roster is the team’s head coach, Serbian veteran Darko “⁠soLo⁠” Mitić. He was most recently the skipper for BLUEJAYS, but has also stood behind FATE, Juggernauts and Valiance in a coaching career that spans back to 2017.

Finest now have their sights set on BLAST Rising, which they will kick off on Friday, May 14 against Young Ninjas, as well as the ongoing ESEA Advance Season 37, which they started with an overtime victory against SKADE, 22-18, on Sunday.

Finest‘s lineup is now:

IsraelShiran “⁠shushan⁠” Shushan
EstoniaKristjan “⁠fejtZ⁠” Allsaar
NorwayHaakon “⁠Radifaction⁠” Tholo
BulgariaIvan “⁠Rock1nG⁠” Stratiev
NetherlandsThijs “⁠rilax⁠” Izaks

SerbiaDarko “⁠soLo⁠” Mitić (coach)

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