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FunPlus Phoenix run over HYENAS in Flashpoint 3

FunPlus Phoenix secured on Friday the final spot in Flashpoint 3’s upper bracket quarter-finals after dispatching HYENAS in a quick two-map series. As expected, the international team were superior in all aspects against a timid opponent that placed all their faith on a Vertigo pick.

There were some bright spots from the Danish team on that first map – though they were on the back foot from the offset -, but on Inferno they were simply unable to pose a threat to FPX, who will meet Anonymo in the next round of the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament.

“We didn’t know what to expect, we just thought that were going to play a Danish kind of Counter-Strike, but it felt like playing a FACEIT stack against five Danish players,” Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk said in the post-match interview, before criticising HYENAS‘ method to obtain a spot in Flashpoint 3 by submitting a lineup with a player, René “⁠cajunb⁠” Borg, who is seemingly not going to compete.

“I didn’t really like that they are in the tournament because of a loophole that Valve created. They immediately subbed out cajunb for Fessor just to get the spot. I think they’re going to have a fun time in the lower bracket against NIP. I hope they will have no chance.”

FPX will take on Anonymo in the next round

FunPlus Phoenix made a flying start to the match, cruising to a 9-2 lead on Vertigo after giving their opponents very little room to operate. HYENAS then finally managed to put their foot down and chained a few rounds together before Luka “⁠emi⁠” Vuković pulled off a 1v2 clutch to put his team on double-digit territory before the break.

HYENAS picked up a few rounds early in the second half – when Philip “⁠aizy⁠” Aistrup rolled back the years with an impressive 1v2 clutch -, but their respite was short-lived. FunPlus Phoenix soon regained control of proceedings, and they kept the tempo high to prevent the Danes from establishing a foothold in the game.

Things looked promising for HYENAS in the early stages of Inferno as they picked up a 4-2 lead, but that feeling quickly dissipated. The rest of the half was dominated by FunPlus Phoenix, who enjoyed a period of dominance as they brutally exposed their opponents’ leaky defence and went on a 9-0 run. The second half brought no let up for the Danes, who saw their pistol round victory immediately cancelled out by emi‘s side, who wasted no time in putting the series to bed.



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