Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Extra Salt, paiN qualify for cs_summit 8

Extra Salt and paiN have secured spots in cs_summit 8, the Regional Major Ranking event for North America, taking down O PLANO and Bad News Bears, respectively, in the upper bracket of the closed qualifier to book their ticket in the main event.

Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou‘s troops were the first to secure their berth, making short work of O PLANO in a two-map series. Although the Brazilian side kept themselves in close contention during the first halves of Inferno and Nuke, where they edged out 8-7 leads, the second half of both maps were all Extra Salt, who gave up a combined three rounds en route to swift map victories to close out the series in fast fashion.

oSee topped the board for Extra Salt in their win over O PLANO

Bad News Bears entered their match against paiN with a commanding lead, demolishing Rafael “⁠saffee⁠” Costa‘s side 11-4 on the Terrorist side of Mirage; however, once the sides swapped over, paiN were the ones running rampant over the Bad News Bears defenses, conceding just one additional round before taking a 16-12 map victory.

Nuke was even more one-sided as paiN had their foot on the throat of Bad News Bears from the onset, dominating the first half 14-1 and wasting no time in closing things out in the second half to book their ticket to the main event.

North America


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The team list for cs_summit 8 now looks as follows:

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