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Bad News Bears, O PLANO clinch final cs_summit 8 spots

Bad News Bears and O PLANO have secured the final spots in cs_summit 8, besting GODSENT and TeamOne in the last round of the closed qualifier to join Extra Salt and paiN as the teams advancing to the Regional Major Ranking event.

It was a keenly contested three-map affair that took place between Bad News Bears and GODSENT, with Peter “⁠ptr⁠” Gurney‘s side being the only North American team left standing after Extra Salt advanced through the upper bracket, and the remaining teams from the region were eliminated.

vsm led the way for O PLANO in their series victory

On Inferno, Bad News Bears pulled ahead 9-6 at the break, but struggled to close things out in regulation, requiring overtime before edging out the win on their map pick. Dust2 was a one-sided affair as GODSENT put up a dominant 12-3 offensive effort before closing out the map to even the series, but Bad News Bears answered back on Mirage, once again proving the better side in an overtime affair to narrowly claim victory.

O PLANO kicked off their domestic match-up by overrunning TeamOne on Mirage, crushing their countrymen 14-1 in the first half and closing out the map shortly after. Nuke was not as clear-cut, despite Vito “⁠kNgV-⁠” Giuseppe and company putting up a three-round lead at halftime and converting the second pistol for a 12-6 scoreline, and it was TeamOne who were able to rally as Pedro “⁠Maluk3⁠” Campos clutched three 1vs1s in a row to complete a 16-13 comeback.

After trailing off at the end of Nuke, O PLANO were able to stabilize, posting a 10-5 lead on Train. Again, TeamOne began to fight back, but this time their effort was cut short as kNgV- and company closed out the map 16-10 to take the series.

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