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Heroic overcome Complexity in Flashpoint 3 lower bracket

Heroic march on in the lower bracket of Flashpoint 3 after a series win over Complexity and are set to take on Vitality in the next round.

“Four in a row versus Complexity, great job by the team!” Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller wrote on Twitter after recording another victory over the squad featuring two of his countrymen – Kristian “⁠k0nfig⁠” Wienecke and blameF. Those two were key to making Mirage such a close affair (22-18), but the game ultimately went Heroic‘s way following a dominant Nuke.

While Complexity are out of the running in the lower bracket, they are still set to compete in the 9-12th decider bracket, against the likes of FunPlus Phoenix, where more Major-qualifying RMR points will be on the line.

Heroic’s captain averaged a 1.38 rating over two maps

Playing on the offensive side of their map pick, Mirage, Complexity was limited to sporadic rounds by cadiaN‘s sniping. Heroic‘s leader helped his side snatch away the second-round force with a Scout and continued laying down the law after upgrading to the AWP. Unable to truly break their opponents’ bank, Complexity was limited to six rounds for the half, but equalized the scoreline on the defense after k0nfig came online with three consecutive multikill rounds (11-11).

blameF then also started hitting his stride, after a slow first half, pushing the game into overtime. Two sets of added rounds were needed to separate the two sides, as eventually Heroic raised their tempo and their level, snatching away the map 22-18 following René “⁠TeSeS⁠” Madsen‘ triple in the last round.

Heroic went on to build on the map 1 win with a 5-1 lead on Nuke, only for Complexity to stabilize with a couple of lockout rounds of their own. Just when the European mixture was set to take the lead, Heroic stole away their momentum with a pistol rush on Ramp which caused the defenses to crumble. From 9-6 ahead, the all-Danish lineup extended their lead to 13-6 before k0nfig pulled off a 1v3 clutch. Unfortunately for his team, they again failed to capitalize on Heroic‘s supbar economy, losing an anti-eco and shortly the match, 16-8.



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