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paiN, Extra Salt top cs_summit 8 group stage

paiN and Extra Salt have escaped the group stage of cs_summit 8 unscathed, claiming victories in the winners’ matches of their respective groups to advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs and guarantee themselves a second life in the final stage of the Regional Major Ranking event.

It was a domestic derby between the Brazilian teams that unfolded first, in which Vinicios “⁠PKL⁠” Coelho‘s side ran rampant on the Terrorist side of Nuke to post a crushing 13-2 lead against O PLANO. Despite a pistol win following the halftime swap, paiN struggled to take the match over the line and only managed to secure the win in round 30, just barely halting a bid for overtime from O PLANO.

paiN prevailed in the second Brazilian battle of cs_summit 8

paiN carried the momentum of their first map victory into Overpass, running up a 9-2 lead before O PLANO stabilized, fighting back to bring themselves within three rounds at the break. However, paiN kept up the pressure in the second half, attaining match point in short order before quickly bringing about an end to the series.

Liquid, who struggled to convert early leads in their series against Bad News Bears on Friday, showed a similar face at the start of their series against Extra Salt, with Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou‘s side rallying back from a 3-9 deficit to take their map pick, Nuke, 16-12. Michael “⁠Grim⁠” Wince led the way in a Vertigo win for Liquid to even the score, although the team once again let a 15-4 scoreline slip, only sealing the deal once Extra Salt had clawed back to eleven rounds.

Inferno started no different as Liquid got an early 6-1 lead, only for Extra Salt to end up winning the half by a single round. An early back and forth following the side swap allowed Liquid to pull ahead, but an apartments pop with pistols swung momentum in Extra Salt‘s favour, with the team pushing up to match point before shutting down a last-ditch comeback effort from Liquid to edge out a map and series win.



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