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EXTREMUM oust Bad News Bears from cs_summit 8

EXTREMUM have prevailed over Bad News Bears in a closely contested two-map affair, besting the North American team in the Group B elimination match to secure a spot in the double-elimination playoffs, as well as a match against Liquid to determine which team will begin the final stage in the upper bracket.

EXTREMUM, who are playing in North America for the first time since parting ways with 100 Thieves in October, kicked off cs_summit 8 with an 0-2 loss to Extra Salt, despite showing good form in the series. Their match against Bad News Bears proved to be a test as ptr‘s men pushed the Oceanic roster to fight from the back foot, although this time around they were able to recover on both Inferno and Nuke to take the series.

“It’s been rough for us since we started the team,” Joakim “⁠jkaem⁠” Myrbostad explained following the match when asked about playing in Europe for the last few months. “The EU scene is really hard, the tier 2 and tier 3 teams play really well, they shoot hard. We’ve been putting in a lot of work and we’re hoping it will pay off in NA, because this is where we became a good team.”

jkaem spoke about EXTREMUM’s experience playing in Europe

When asked about their upcoming match against Liquid, jkaem was firm in wanting a win, despite the match only being for seeding purposes in the bracket. “We’re not happy with our ranking, we want some invites, to get some points, so the game means more than just nothing for us.”

Bad News Bears were hot off the trot on their map pick, Inferno, going up 5-1 before EXTREMUM stabilized, recovering to narrowly edge out a one-round lead at the break. Another four rounds following the side swap gave Bad News Bears their second lead of the map, but in identical fashion to the first half, Aaron “⁠AZR⁠” Ward‘s side held on and came out the better team in the closing moments of the map to edge out a win.

Another strong start on Nuke, in which Michael “⁠Swisher⁠” Schmid and Nick “⁠alter⁠” Jackson shut down numerous attempts to attack the A bombsite, gave Bad News Bears a head start again, momentum which they were able to run with for a dominant 10-1 lead. However, the team began to lose steam as EXTREMUM found their footing, and managed just two additional rounds in the entirety of the map as Hansel “⁠BnTeT⁠” Ferdinand led the way in a 16-12 victory for his side.


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