Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Heroic, BIG advance to Flashpoint 3 lower bracket semi-finals

Heroic and BIG have survived the third round of the Flashpoint 3 lower bracket with victories over Vitality and DBL PONEY, respectively. The French teams, who played each other in the first round of the tournament in a match that ended with the team led by Alexandre “⁠bodyy⁠” Pianaro coming out on top, will now play each other again in the seventh-place decider.

The first series of the day, which pitted Heroic and Vitality was a rather straightforward affair, with René “⁠TeSeS⁠” Madsen and Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller both hitting over 20 kills in a 16-11 victory on their map pick, Nuke. Vitality then got off to a slow start on the attacking side of Overpass, only able to tally five rounds before switching sides, and the Danes took no prisoners after the switch as TeSeS once again topped the scoreboard in the 16-9 map that gave his team the 2-0 victory.

Heroic continue their Flashpoint 3 LB run after defeating Vitality

BIG and DBL PONEY kicked off proceedings in their series on Vertigo, the German team’s pick, and while the French squad were able to put up a semblance of opposition on the CT side by tallying six rounds, BIG took control in the second half to win the map with an ample scoreline, 16-9. DBL PONEY changed the tides of the series on Nuke, their pick, with a convincing T-side followed by a solid CT showing to take the map 16-8 and force a third. The Dust2 decider promised a fiery ending to the series, but it was BIG who dominated on the attack, gaining enough of a margin to carry them to victory in the second half, 16-12, to bag the series.

Following their victory against Vitality, Heroic will now fight their local rivals Astralis in an exciting Danish derby in the lower bracket semi-finals. The other lower bracket semi-final will feature the winner of today’s second match, BIG, who will go up against NIP in yet another a do-or-die match to remain alive in the Regional Major Ranking event.





The next set of Flashpoint 3 matches, scheduled to be played on Wednesday, are: