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Fantasy game for IEM Summer 2021 group stage goes live

The group stage of IEM Summer 2021, a $250,000 online tournament featuring 16 teams, kicks off on June 3. As the start nears, the Fantasy game for the group stage of the event has been opened for action, with users now able to create their teams and join leagues.

With no NAVI at the event, ZywOo ($243,000) is the most expensive player

Gambit, Heroic, G2 and Astralis are confirmed for IEM Summer, while Natus Vincere, Liquid, and Flashpoint 3 finalists mousesports are notable absentees from the team list.

Currently, fifteen of the sixteen participating teams are known, with the final one set to be decided after the conclusion of ESL National Championship Global Playoff Spring where the likes of Sprout and Endpoint are in competition.

Players such as Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač ($209,000) and Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller ($214,000) are expected to provide strong value for their price, while users looking for riskier picks could shift their focus towards François “⁠AmaNEk⁠” Delaunay ($186,000, 1.11 rating at Flashpoint 3) or Fredrik “⁠REZ⁠” Sterner ($204,000, 1.13 rating at Flashpoint 3).

For budget options, strugglers fnatic and Evil Geniuses offer interesting budget options such as AWPer Tsvetelin “⁠CeRq⁠” Dimitrov ($176,000) or in-game leader Maikil “⁠Golden⁠” Selim ($147,000).

The prizes for the official HLTV x BitSkins Fantasy league are as follows:

1. Hydra Gloves | Emerald (Field-Tested)
2. AWP | Containment Breach (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | First Class (Field-Tested)

The winners of the official Fantasy leagues will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

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