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NIP exact revenge on G2 to set up Flashpoint 3 grand final against mousesports

NIP have bested G2 in the last Flashpoint 3 playoff match before the Regional Major Ranking tournament’s grand final. The squad led by Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković had knocked Hampus “⁠hampus⁠” Poser and company down to the lower bracket in a barn burner earlier in the tournament, but are now out in third place after getting reverse swept in the consolidation final by the Swedes on Mirage (12-16), Inferno (16-9) and Dust2 (16-14).

G2 had been looking like strong contenders to make the final with victories over FaZe, Heroic and NIP in the upper bracket before a loss to mousesports, but the Swedes’ revenge on their upper bracket executioners means they will now be the ones to face the red-hot mouz on Sunday. The team led by Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong will be a hefty opponent for the ninjas, as they have not dropped a single map in the tournament with 2-0 victories against fnatic, BIG, Astralis and the aforementioned G2.

device made the difference for NIP in the consolidation final

The consolidation final started on NIP’s pick, Mirage, a map the Swedes just amply defeated Heroic on in the lower bracket semi-final. It was G2 who got out ahead, however, as nexa downed four players with his USP in the pistol round. It wasn’t until a 1vs3 clutch by Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz in the sixth round that NIP were able to get on the board in a half that went in the favor of the CTs, 9-6. Audric “⁠JaCkz⁠” Jug nailed a 1vs2 afterplant clutch on B in the second pistol round to keep his team cruising ahead to 12-6. Slowly but surely the Swedes started mounting a comeback, including a ninja defuse to get within two, 12-14, but G2 shut it down in the following two rounds.

Roles reversed on Inferno and it was NIP, on the CT side, who took the early lead, but the map was even by the tenth round as G2 put more and more pressure, but with Fredrik “⁠REZ⁠” Sterner, device and Nicolas “⁠Plopski⁠” Gonzalez Zamora firing on all cylinders NIP were able to link five rounds in a row and hit double digits before the switch. NiKo and nexa cleaned house to win the second pistol round, but a successful forcebuy by the Swedes put them on the road to victory, which culminated with a 1vs3 by hampus on an A afterplant to make it 16-9.

A 3-3 start on Dust2 with G2 on the defense and NIP on the attack set the scene in the decider map as the two teams fought back-and-forth in the early rounds, although it was the team led by hampus who were able to get ahead and take a 9-6 lead at the half with device downing 19 players before switching sides. The Swedes put up a strong defense on the B site in the second pistol round to hit double digits and started to make their way to the finish line, although a six-round streak by G2 made coming back a real possibility. In the do or die round G2 were unable to push the series to overtime, however, as NIP secured a spot in the grand final with one final B retake, 16-14.



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