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Liquid pummel FURIA to win cs_summit 8

It was a deflated-looking Liquid who entered the Regional Major Ranking tournament after over a month’s break from official competition, scraping together a win against Bad News Bears and falling to Extra Salt in their first group stage matches. However, with the team transitioning calling duties from Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo back to Jake “⁠Stewie2K⁠” Yip, their performance in ensuing matches steadily improved, and their shaky form faded away.

After Liquid edged out the win in an intense upper bracket final match against FURIA, where two maps reached double overtime and the decider required all thirty rounds to reach its conclusion, the stage was set for an intense best-of-five rematch in the grand final.

It was anything but that though, and it was Liquid who led from the front foot at the onset of the series and carried it through to its conclusion, securing Overpass (16-5) and Nuke (16-11) before falling on Inferno to a comeback effort from FURIA, only to immediately answer back with a crushing 16-5 win on Mirage.

Stewie2K has taken back the leadership reins on Liquid

It seemed as if Overpass could make for a competitive map to kick off the series as FURIA took an initial lead, pulling ahead 6-3, but there was little to be said for their efforts in the rest of the map as they garnered just one additional round as Liquid put on a clinic, closing their pick in dominant fashion.

That momentum carried into Nuke for Stewie2K‘s side, who put up a stalwart defense for a 9-0 start before FURIA clawed back into the map for five rounds. However, a pistol win and ensuing conversions had Liquid reach map point in short order, with the team closing things out not long after.

Inferno was the sole close affair of the series, and the only one to go FURIA‘s way, despite Liquid holding a 14-9 lead in the second half. After a back-and-forth battle in the early portions of the map, Liquid pulled well ahead following the side swap, but were unable to take the map over the line as FURIA fought back to narrowly survive elimination, edging out a win in regulation.

It was a return to normalcy for Liquid soon after that though, and they didn’t lose a step in posting a strong CT side lead on Mirage before swiftly bringing the map to a close, 16-5.

United States


cs_summit 8 final standings:

1. United States Liquid – 1600 RMR Points + $17,000
2. Brazil FURIA – 1500 RMR Points + $10,000
3. Oceania EXTREMUM – 1400 RMR Points + $7,000
4. Brazil O PLANO – 1300 RMR Points + $5,000
5. North America Extra Salt – 1200 RMR Points + $4,000
6. Brazil paiN – 1100 RMR Points + $3,000
7-8. United States Bad News Bears – 950 RMR Points + $2,000
7-8. North America Evil Geniuses – 950 RMR Points + $2,000

North America Regional Major Ranking leaderboard:

1. Brazil FURIA – 1980 RMR Points
2. Oceania EXTREMUM – 1880 RMR Points
3. United States Liquid – 1840 RMR Points
4. North America Evil Geniuses – 1310 RMR Points
5. Brazil O PLANO – 1300 RMR Points
6. North America Extra Salt – 1200 RMR Points
7. Brazil paiN – 1100 RMR Points
8. United States Bad News Bears – 950 RMR Points

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