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MANS NOT HOT return with new Swedish-Lithuanian roster

A new team has been formed with three Swedish and two Lithuanian free agents, featuring the likes of twist and EspiranTo, reviving the MANS NOT HOT tag.

The aforementioned Swede joins the team from Lemondogs, a mix-team he had been playing with for fun since the beginning of the year when he was cut from NIP, while the Baltic player recently parted ways with GORILLAZ as he was unable to adapt to his role within the team, calling the experience “a good kick in the ass to start grinding even more.”

EspiranTo will be back in action with MANS NOT HOT

The two other Swedes in the team are Robin “⁠robiin⁠” Sjögren, who spent several spells in the British organization Endpoint over the past three years, and Denis “⁠grux⁠” Gutaj, who rose to prominence among second tier Swedish teams like Red Reserve, Uruguay and Ancient, as well as the international lineup of SMASH, before signing by North at the beginning of the year right as the Danish organization ceased operations.

The fifth player is EspiranTo‘s countryman Armandas “⁠maty⁠” Kneita, who spent some time playing in Lithuanian teams with the likes of Aurimas “⁠Kvik⁠” Kvakšys and Eimantas “⁠pounh⁠” Lazickas, and was recently promoted to FPL after winning FPL-C in April.

The final piece of the puzzle is coach NeiL_M, who was one of the original members of the MANS NOT HOT team alongside EspiranTo that featured Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković and Žygimantas “⁠nukkye⁠” Chmieliauskas, among others.

“Our goals are simple, to create a new international home where each player is at his highest peak in their most impactful role to shine,” coach NeiL_M told HLTV. “All five players here are slotted into their most natural role that they wanted, we’ve already started to practice as much as possible. We’re ready to compete in events to grind our way up the ladder and prove who we are.”

MANS NOT HOT is now:

SwedenSimon “⁠twist⁠” Eliasson
SwedenRobin “⁠robiin⁠” Sjögren
SwedenDenis “⁠grux⁠” Gutaj
LithuaniaRokas “⁠EspiranTo⁠” Milasauskas
LithuaniaArmandas “⁠maty⁠” Kneita

IrelandNeil “⁠NeiL_M⁠” Murphy (coach)

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