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OG defeat BIG to win Spring Sweet Spring 2

OG have won Spring Sweet Spring 2 after defeating BIG 2-1 in the grand final to book a spot at LAN Sweet LAN 2022, an event to cap off Relog Media’s tournament series featuring all the monthly winners throughout the year. Both finalists received direct invites to the quarter-finals (alongside fnatic and forZe), with Aleksi “⁠Aleksib⁠” Virolainen‘s troops taking down 1WIN and Fiend, while Johannes “⁠tabseN⁠” Wodarz & co. beat Wisla Krakow and Entropiq en route to the final.

“We needed something like this just to boost the confidence and overall to get the team started on the right path,” Aleksib said after the match. “We’re feeling super hot right now.” OG will be looking to ride the momentum into IEM Summer tomorrow, when they will face NIP in the best-of-one opening round at 16:30