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Young Ninjas replace Mann3n with Ro1f

Young Ninjas have added Kalle “⁠Ro1f⁠” Johansson to the roster to replace Tim “⁠Mann3n⁠” Isak, NIP has announced. A change of direction of the academy project saw the departing player be allowed to explore new opportunities as he “is ready to take the next step in his career,” the announcement reads.

“Honestly, the success of Young Ninjas came so much quicker than we ever anticipated,” NIP COO Jonas Gundersen said in a statement. “We’ve had to take a step back and fully evaluate our goals, and the idea has always been to find very young talent that we can develop into tier one players and give them a chance either here or somewhere else.”

Ro1f progressed to the team through the Path of a Ninja project

“Adding a 5th in Kalle while allowing Tim to explore new opportunities meanwhile, underlines our commitment to a young and dynamic roster, where we can continue our journey on finding the best A team/academy/substitute structure,that suits for us now and in the long term.”

Ro1f joined the squad after winning the first “Path of a Ninja,” a talent development program that NIP are running in cooperation with Area Academy, and impressing in the Swedish Pro League.

The 16-year-old’s addition to the team comes just three days after Erik “⁠ztr⁠” Gustafsson and Linus “⁠LNZ⁠” Holtäng switched positions between NIP‘s main and academy teams. The new composition has already made its debut in the Elisa Invitational Summer, where they won their first match of the Swiss stage, against Tricked.

Young Ninjas boast the following five:

SwedenErik “⁠ztr⁠” Gustafsson
SwedenAnton “⁠Sapec⁠” Palmgren
SwedenLinus “⁠nilo⁠” Bergman
SwedenLove “⁠phzy⁠” Smidebrant
SwedenKalle “⁠Ro1f⁠” Johansson

SwedenFrederik “⁠JAEGARN⁠” Andersson (coach)

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