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Regional qualifiers for BLAST Premier Fall Showdown announced

BLAST has revealed details regarding qualifiers for the Fall edition of the Showdown tournament, announcing eight regions and the majority of their partner organizers that will be in charge of running the show.

Events such as Nordic Masters, Latin Power, and Fantasyexpo Cup return after being a part of the Spring circuit, with new additions being the Eastern Europe qualifier (replacing CIS), and the Chinese qualifier organized by Douyu. The qualifying tournaments will take place in July – September as an eight-team, three-day event.

BLAST added a new qualifying region: China

From each of the eight regional tournaments, encompassing the Middle East, Latin America, North America, and China, only the best team will advance to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown scheduled for October 12-17. There, the eight regional challengers will face off against eight BLAST partner teams for two slots at the Fall Finals.

BLAST Premier Fall Qualifier tournaments:

RTP Arena Cup: July 9-11 (Iberia)
Dune Cup by Calyx: 26-28 August (Middle East)
Nordic Masters by Pelaajat: September 3-5 (Nordic)
Fantasyexpo Cup: September 7-9 (Western Europe)
TBC: September 10-12 (Eastern Europe)
Latin Power by FiReSPORTS: September 10-12 (South America)
TBC by Douyu: TBC (China)
TBC: (North America)

The eight teams that will compete in each of the qualifiers will be decided by the partners organizing the competitions, with the slots set to be given out through “existing tournaments, local leagues, open qualifiers, and direct invites”.

The winner of each qualifier will receive $25,000, which BLAST explains is not a prize pool, “but a participation fee for teams to invest into whichever area of their organization they feel will have the greatest impact: facilities, support staff or invest it into growing other areas of their businesses”.

More details about the qualifiers are set to be announced in the following weeks.

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