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Triumph complete roster with RZU, tweiss

Triumph have announced that they have added Tyler “⁠tweiss⁠” Weiss and Jeff “⁠RZU⁠” Ngo to complete their lineup for the remainder of ESEA Premier Season 36, with the pair arriving to fill the gaps left by the departures of Alan “⁠Shakezullah⁠” Hardeman and Ian “⁠motm⁠” Hardy.

The change, which was first reported by, will see David “⁠cynic⁠” Polster pick up in-game leadership duties, a role he occupied prior to joining Triumph. Brendan “⁠Bwills⁠” Williams, who had announced that he was exploring his options after Shakezullah‘s departure, will also remain on the roster to close out the season for the team.

bwills will remain on the lineup

“Our players are not under contract at this time but will be graciously sticking with the Triumph name and brand,” the organisation stated in their announcement. According to, the lineup has been in free agency for some time as the organisation searches for new investors to continue funding the team.

RZU previously stepped in for Bad News Bears during DreamHack Open March North America in place of Jonathan “⁠Jonji⁠” Carey, with the team exiting the tournament in 5-6th place following losses to paiN and Extra Salt. He also made an appearance for Recon 5 in ESEA Spring Cash Cup 5 alongside tweiss, who he now reunites with on Triumph.

tweiss made his first appearance for Triumph against QcClan in ESEA Premier, where he averaged a 1.95 series rating, while RZU debuted more recently in a 2-0 win over GGPR. The team will next face Recon 5 on June 15, where playoff contention will be on the line as both teams are tied with 3-2 records in Group B.

Triumph are now:

United StatesBrendan “⁠Bwills⁠” Williams
United StatesAustin “⁠Cooper⁠” Abadir
United StatesDavid “⁠cynic⁠” Polster
United StatesTyler “⁠tweiss⁠” Weiss
United StatesJeff “⁠RZU⁠” Ngo

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