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StarLadder announces RMR invites, responds to CIS teams’ open letter

StarLadder have announced the list of teams invited to the next Regional Major Ranking tournament in the CIS region. Spirit, Natus Vincere, Gambit,, and Akuma have been invited to the main event, while Entropiq, forZe, K23, and Nemiga will kick off their campaign in the closed qualifier.

The invites were handed out based on the teams’ current standings in the ranking, which currently have Spirit in the lead following the conclusion of the first regional tournament in the 2021 Major circuit, EPIC League.

Spirit are currently in the lead of the CIS RMR standings

Two more squads have already secured their place in the closed stage via the first open qualifier, ex-Marlian and EC Kyiv, with the remaining two participants set to be decided in the second open qualifier (June 13-14).

Below you can find the participants list of StarLadder CIS RMR:

Main event

Closed qualifier

The tournament organizer has also shared details of how it plans to run the event from an administrative standpoint in response to the open letter that 14 out of 16 participants of EPIC League CIS signed and sent to Valve, in which the teams criticized how the security of the previous tournament in the RMR circuit was handled and suggested several protocols to help prevent cheating in multiple forms at future events.

StarLadder has promised to put in place the following five measures, all of which were proposed in the open letter:

1. We will not provide data to any 3rd party with a delay of less than 20 seconds

2. We will set at least 110 seconds delay on all of our GOTV

3. Voice communications of all teams will be recorded for every game

4. Webcams of the players will capture what is happening on the player’s screen; this video feed will also be recorded for every game

5. All matches of StarLadder CIS RMR will be played on FACEIT platform using the FACEIT anti-cheat software

The closed qualifier for StarLadder CIS RMR will take place from June 18-21, followed by the two-stage main event on June 27-July 4. The tournament will have $100,000 on offer, as well as between 1,500 and 2,000 RMR points awarded to the top-five teams.

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