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m1cks joins Nordavind as head coach

The 22-year-old will shoulder more responsibility as he takes a step up from his previous role on Cloud9.

Nordavind have announced that they have added Joshua “⁠m1cks⁠” Micks to their roster, with the former Cloud9 assistant coach and analyst set to take on head coach duties for the European lineup in place of Dennis “⁠Rytter⁠” Rytter.

The opportunity will mark m1cks‘ first time occupying a head coach role for a team after previously being an analyst for the likes of Bravado, eUnited, and Rogue, and offer the 22-year-old the chance to prove himself after spending the first quarter of 2021 working under Chris “⁠Elmapuddy⁠” Tebbit with the Cloud9 ‘Colossus’.

m1cks will head up coaching duties for Nordavind

In an interview with, m1cks had discussed his intention to become a head coach, but pointed towards a lack of North American teams looking to fill that role. He also spoke about issues he had working with a European team while living in North America, something that he hopes to resolve going forward with Nordavind.

“I’m excited to join Nordavind and to be stepping into the head coach role for the first time,” m1cks said in a statement to “I look forward to continuing my progress as a coach and hope to bring this team to new heights it hasn’t yet seen.

“I’ll hopefully be spending more time in Europe in the coming months to work closely with the team and organization from EU, in order to make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given.”

Nordavind are now:

DenmarkDaniel “⁠mertz⁠” Mertz
DenmarkJesper “⁠TENZKI⁠” Plougmann
EstoniaKevin “⁠HS⁠” Tarn
EstoniaAnton “⁠supra⁠” Tšernobai
GermanySabit “⁠mirbit⁠” Coktasar

United StatesJoshua “⁠m1cks⁠” Micks (coach)

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