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byali joins Izako Boars |

The Polish side is still missing the last piece of the roster after losing two players to mouz NXT. star Paweł “⁠byali⁠” Bieliński has joined Izako Boars, the Polish organization has revealed on Twitter. The 27-year-old has been added to the team on a permanent basis following a brief stint with them as a stand-in in May.

The Polish squad, who only have Mateusz “⁠TOAO⁠” Zawistowski left from the core of the 2020 roster after undergoing several changes in the past six months, have yet to announce their final player after mousesports acquired Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek and Hubert “⁠Szejn⁠” Światły for their academy team last week.

byali returns to activity in Izako Boars

The move sees byali reunite with TOAO, with whom he competed under the banner for a short period in early 2019. The veteran was last seen playing with StylDunow alongside the likes of Tomasz “⁠phr⁠” Wójcik and Miłosz “⁠mhL⁠” Knasiak in a mixed roster that took part in various qualifiers and smaller tournaments in early 2021.

With byali‘s addition, the Izako Boars lineup looks as follows:

PolandMateusz “⁠TOAO⁠” Zawistowski
PolandDaniel “⁠STOMP⁠” Płomiński
PolandMichał “⁠mono⁠” Gabszewicz
PolandPaweł “⁠byali⁠” Bieliński

PolandBartosz “⁠Hyper⁠” Wolny (coach)

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