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Finest and shushan part ways

Finest have announced the parting of ways with Shiran “⁠shushan⁠” Shushan, one of the two players alongside Kristjan “⁠fejtZ⁠” Allsaar that were a part of the team before the Israeli organization overhauled their roster in May with the addition of Ivan “⁠Rock1nG⁠” Stratiev, Thijs “⁠rilax⁠” Izaks and Haakon “⁠Radifaction⁠” Tholo.

shushan will no longer play for Finest

Since the roster revamp, the team has struggled to live up to expectations, and currently sit on the low end of the ESEA Advanced table with a 3-7 record despite starting the season with two straight victories, one of them an overtime affair against SKADE.

The international squad also competed at BLAST Rising, but were unable to surprise with losses to Young Ninjas and Nordavind, and finished second in the first ESEA Cash Cup Summer where they lost to a mix-team including the Israeli trio consisting of Guy “⁠anarkez⁠” Trachtman, Tal “⁠meztal⁠” Hahiashvili and Nikita “⁠HeavyGod⁠” Martynenko in the final.

shushan, who took part in the most recent FPL qualifier but wasn’t able to attain promotion, has stated that he will take this time to keep working on his individual game and on trying to reach FACEIT’s premier PUG league while he finds a new team to compete with.

Finest are currently:

EstoniaKristjan “⁠fejtZ⁠” Allsaar
BulgariaIvan “⁠Rock1nG⁠” Stratiev
NetherlandsThijs “⁠rilax⁠” Izaks
NorwayHaakon “⁠Radifaction⁠” Tholo

SerbiaDarko “⁠soLo⁠” Mitić (coach)

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