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StarLadder CIS RMR groups and schedule revealed

The StarLadder CIS RMR event, taking place on June 27-July 4, will kick off with a best-of-three round-robin group stage, in which the 10 competing teams have been divided into two groups.

The tournament will then move to a double-elimination bracket where the top teams in each group will fight to make it to the best-of-five grand final, while the two third-placed teams in each group will play a fifth-place decider match.

sh1ro and co. will face NAVI in the group stage

The top two teams in the world ranking and BLAST Premier Spring Final finalists, Natus Vincere and Gambit, have been slotted into Group A, where they will face each other in the last group stage matchday after playing against Akuma, forZe and Nemiga.

Group B is headlined by the heavy hitters, who will face stiff opposition in the form of Spirit and Entropiq, as well as the two Khazak teams at the RMR tournament, K23 and 100PG.

The full schedule, which will start with two opening matches per group on June 27 and will conclude with the July 4 grand final, can be seen below:

Sunday, June 27