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GameGune 23 team list revealed

GameGune have announced the eight invited teams for this year’s iteration of the storied tournament, which will be played online on June 28-July 3, starting off with a best-of-one GSL group stage followed by a single-elimination best-of-three playoff bracket for the top two teams in each of the two groups.

SPELLAN and co. have been handed one of the invites

The GameGune 23 roster is headline by NIP‘s academy team, Young Ninjas, which features 17-year-old Erik “⁠ztr⁠” Gustafsson, who recently had a stint with the organization’s main team, and MAD Lions‘s European combine under the orders of Jakub “⁠kuben⁠” Gurczynski.

Joining the two aforementioned squads are Ricardo “⁠fox⁠” Pacheco‘s OFFSET and eXploit, two Portuguese sides, as well the Brazilians of Case, the organization launched by Real Madrid’s Henrique Casemiro and based in the Spanish capital.

Rounding out the team list are three lesser-known squads consisting of RVNS, Souldazz and x6tence‘s youth-driven project under the tutelage of Aitor “⁠SOKER⁠” Fernández.

The eight invited teams are:

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