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Sinners sweep AGO to qualify for ESL Pro League Season 14

Sinners won two maps against AGO in the ESEA Premier Season 37 grand final, Nuke (16-8) and Vertigo (16-12), becoming the tournament’s champions thanks to their upper bracket map advantage in the best-of-five series. AGO, who had initially been knocked to the lower bracket by the Czech squad before making their way to the final with a victory over forZe, were once again no match for Tomáš “⁠oskar⁠” Šťastný and company.

This victory marks the first time a Czech team will play ESL Pro League, as their victory comes with a slot at the upcoming 14th season. Sinners’ star AWPer, oskar, who shone brightly in the grand final with 52 kills in as many rounds, will be making a return to ESL’s flagship league for the first time since he played Season 9 under the banner of HellRaisers.

“As you can see in these six months we grew so much, and I think it’s mostly because of [oskar],” Sebastian “⁠beastik⁠” Daňo said in a post-match interview on the ESL broadcast, “I can’t even describe how impactful he is in everything we do.”

oskar excelled on his 30th birthday with a 1.56 rating in the final

It took 10 rounds for AGO to get on the board on the defending side of Nuke, after which they were able to win five of the last six rounds in a half that ended with oskar tallying 20 frags. The Poles then bagged the second pistol round to keep trying to mend their slow start, but as soon as guns were in play the Czech team stabilized and eased into a 16-8 win in their rivals’ first map pick.

Vertigo once again started with AGO taking an early beating on the CT side as oskar and Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar once again did heavy lifting in the fragging department. In the second half it was oskar once again taking point, with Max “⁠SHOCK⁠” Kvapil doing work on B as the secondary AWP. AGO threatened a comeback momentarily, breaking Sinners‘ economy, but eventually fell short as beastik and company secured their ESL Pro League spot, 16-12, off the back of a brilliant round with pistols ahead of their final push to seal the match.

Czech Republic


ESEA Premier S37 Europe still has two matches left, one pitting SAW and Movistar Riders to avoid playing the relegation bracket, and one between Anonymo and Nemiga to avoid direct relegation to ESEA Advanced. The standings ahead of those matches are:

1. Czech Republic Sinners – $20,000 + ESL Pro League S14
2. Poland AGO – $12,000 + ESEA Premier S38
3. Russia forZe – $6,500 + ESEA Premier S38
4. France LDLC – $4,000 + ESEA Premier S38
5-6. Albania BLINK – $2,500 + ESEA Premier S38
5-6. Germany BIG – $2,500 + ESEA Premier S38
7-8. Sweden GamerLegion – $1,250 + ESEA Premier S38
7-8. Turkey Sangal – $1,250 + ESEA Premier S38
9-10. Poland Wisla Krakow – ESEA Premier S38
9-10. United Kingdom Endpoint – ESEA Premier S38
11. Portugal SAW/Europe Movistar Riders – ESEA Premier S38
12. Portugal SAW/Europe Movistar Riders – Relegation S37
13-14. Sweden Apeks – Relegation S37
13-14. Germany Sprout – Relegation S37
15. Poland Anonymo/Belarus Nemiga – Relegation S37
16. Poland Anonymo/Belarus Nemiga – ESEA Advanced S38
17-18. Poland Izako Boars – ESEA Advanced S38
17-18. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX – ESEA Advanced S38

The ESEA Season 37 North America grand final is scheduled to take place later on Sunday, while the Oceania playoff between the S36 and S37 winners, ORDER and Renegades, will be played on Monday, with the winners of each match also granted a berth in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14.

The ESL Pro League Season 14 team list as it stands is:

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