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TeamOne defeat Extra Salt to qualify for ESL Pro League Season 14

TeamOne have earned a spot in ESL Pro League Season 14 after securing a grand final victory over Extra Salt in ESEA Premier Season 37, converting their upper bracket map advantage into a 3-1 series victory (1-0 default, 16-13 Mirage, 10-16 Ancient, 16-8 Inferno).

To reach the grand final, the Brazilian roster worked their way past ChocoCheck and Triumph before surprising Extra Salt in the upper bracket final, where they secured a 2-1 victory. Extra Salt claimed redemption as they took down paiN in the consolidation final to earn a rematch, but ultimately were unable to overcome TeamOne in the match that mattered most, thanks in part to a stellar showing in the series from Matheus “⁠pesadelo⁠” Panisset.

pesadelo topped the board for TeamOne with a 1.42 rating in the series

TeamOne were hot off the trot on their map pick, Mirage, to open the series, running rampant over the Extra Salt defenses for a 9-1 lead. Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou and company began to fight back, winning five rounds in a row and continuing their streak into the second half to tie up the series, but had their spree of rounds put to a halt as Mario “⁠malbsMd⁠” Samayoa and pesadelo secured multi-kills to move TeamOne up to match point, with the team closing out the map shortly after.

Ancient was an entirely different affair as it was Extra Salt who led from the front foot, outclassing their Brazilian opposition through and through to post an 11-4 lead by the break, helped in part by a 1vs2 clutch from Josh “⁠oSee⁠” Ohm. A pistol win did little to grant TeamOne breathing room as a force-buy had Extra Salt quickly back in the driver’s seat as they attained match point in short order, with oSee winning another 1vs2 clutch to close out the map.

malbsMd, who had a dismal showing on Ancient despite his strong start to the series, came to life on Inferno, powering TeamOne to yet another strong start on the T side, which they finished by pulling ahead 10-5. A pistol win and subsequent conversion in the second half allowed Extra Salt to keep themselves in the running, but a pair of kills from malbsMd‘s Deagle swung momentum back in the favour of TeamOne, who gave up just one additional round en route to a 16-8 victory to win the series.


North America

Two more matches are left to be played out in ESEA Premier Season 37 North America – one in which Mythic and Recon 5 will fight to avoid playing in the relegation bracket, and another between CRONEM and QcClan to avoid direct relegation to ESEA Advanced Season 38. The standings prior to those matches taking place look as follows:

1. Brazil TeamOne – $20,000 + ESL Pro League S14
2. North America Extra Salt – $12,000 + ESEA Premier S38
3. Brazil paiN – $6,500 + ESEA Premier S38
4. United States Triumph – $4,000 + ESEA Premier S38
5-6. United States RBG – $2,500 + ESEA Premier S38
5-6. United States ChocoCheck – $2,500 + ESEA Premier S38
7-8. United States Party Astronauts – $1,250 + ESEA Premier S38
7-8. United States GGPR – $1,250 + ESEA Premier S38
9-10. United States Third Impact – ESEA Premier S38
9-10. United States Secret Club – ESEA Premier S38
11. United States Mythic/United States Recon 5 – ESEA Premier S38
12. United States Mythic/United States Recon 5 – Relegation S37
13-14. United States Big Chillin – Relegation S37
13-14. United States CENSRD – Relegation S37
15. United States CRONEM/Canada QcClan – Relegation S37
16. United States CRONEM/Canada QcClan – ESEA Advanced S38
17-18. Canada SKDC – ESEA Advanced S38
17-18. North America Veloz – ESEA Advanced S38

The Oceania playoff between the S36 and S37 winners, ORDER and Renegades, will be played on Monday, with the winner also earning a spot in ESL Pro League Season 14. The remaining spots in the event, which will take place after the player break from August 16 – September 12, will be distributed to teams via the ESL World Ranking.

The ESL Pro League Season 14 team list ahead of that match looks as follows:

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