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Tips for Pinnacle Cup II Stage 2 Fantasy game

The $100,000 Pinnacle Cup II brings action featuring teams such as Entropiq, ENCE, and Sinners, with the majority of the slots for the 16-team BO3 Swiss stage of the tournament now filled.

Squads such as Sangal, Young Ninjas, and 100PG are still looking to earn their place in Stage 2 through the GSL group stage, with the final two group winners set to be added to Fantasy after their games are finished.

oskar ($219,000) is looking to continue his strong form

Looking at the teams competing for the eight playoff spots, Entropiq stands out as a strong contender, being the only squad ranked among the top 20 in the world. While star AWPer Aleksey “⁠El1an⁠” Gusev might be tough to budget for ($241,000), stable performances are expected from Igor “⁠Forester⁠” Bezotecheskiy ($213,000), while Aleksey “⁠NickelBack⁠” Trofimov ($199,000) could do well combined with the leader role which rewards the team’s results.

In terms of more affordable, yet still highly-performing AWPers, you can’t look past Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz ($220,000) and Tomáš “⁠oskar⁠” Šťastný ($219,000). The former has inspired ENCE to win 30 of the 40 maps played since he joined, while the latter has spearheaded Sinners‘ EPL-qualifying run alongside Adam “⁠NEOFRAG⁠” Zouhar ($219,000).

In terms of budget picks, TeamOne offers a good bang for the buck. The Brazilian team managed to overcome Extra Salt twice and win ESEA Premier North America, with Mario “⁠malbsMd⁠” Samayoa being a consistent force ($192,000) and Matheus “⁠pesadelo⁠” Panisset ($177,000) stepping up in the grand final (1.42 rating)

The following prizes are what you will play for in the official HLTV x Pinnacle league:

1. Hydra Gloves | Emerald (Field-Tested)
2. AWP | Wildfire (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Bloodsport (Field-Tested)

Users must abide by the Fantasy ruleset in order to win prizes. The winners of the official Fantasy leagues will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

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