Counter Strike: Global Offensive

GODSENT beat O PLANO as day one of DH Open June reaches end

paiN, Party Astronauts, Extra Salt, and GODSENT are through to the winners’ matches of their respective groups after securing wins on the first day of DreamHack Open June North America, with the win offering them the chance to book an early spot in the playoff bracket.

GODSENT and Extra Salt prevailed 2-0 over O PLANO and Triumph, respectively, to advance to the Group A winners’ match. Epitacio “⁠TACO⁠” de Melo‘s side had little difficulty dispatch of their Brazilian countrymen despite some technical issues on the server, while Extra Salt were forced to comeback from a 4-11 deficit on Dust2 before cruising through Vertigo to take the series.

felps averaged a 1.78 rating in GODSENT’s win over O PLANO

In the Group B matches, paiN secured a win over Third Impact in a two-map series, in which the North American side offered some contention on Mirage despite an eventual loss, only to capitulate entirely on Nuke. The match between Party Astronauts and RBG was the only series of the day to go to all three maps, but Ben “⁠ben1337⁠” Smith‘s side took firm control on the decider, Inferno, to take the win in swift fashion.

Two spots in the single-elimination playoff bracket will be on offer on Wednesday as GODSENT will take on Extra Salt and paiN will face off against Party Astronauts in the winners’ matches at 21:00