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Extra Salt, Party Astronauts through to DH Open June playoffs

Party Astronauts and Extra Salt have topped the group stage of DreamHack Open June North America, securing playoff berths after defeating paiN and GODSENT in their respective winners’ matches.

Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou‘s troops claimed an early victory on Vertigo to kick off their series against GODSENT, and managed to complete an immense comeback effort on Ancient to sweep the series, recovering from a 4-11 deficit to win 19-15.

Party Astronauts, meanwhile, traded maps with paiN to force an Inferno decider, where they were unable to convert an 11-4 lead and required triple overtime to secure a narrow victory, overcoming an incredible showing from Rafael “⁠saffee⁠” Costa.

oSee led Extra Salt’s comeback on Ancient with a 30-18 K-D

In the elimination matches, O PLANO kept themselves in tournament contention as they shut down Triumph, winning Nuke 16-11 before cruising through Mirage, and RBG came out on top of Third Impact in a 2-0 series of their own, winning Mirage 16-9 before putting a halt to a run of rounds on Overpass to edge out a victory in regulation.

On Thursday, the Group A decider match will see paiN take on RBG, while in Group B, an all-Brazilian affair pits GODSENT against O PLANO, with the winners claiming the final spots in the single-elimination, best-of-three playoff bracket.

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