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KEi steps down from Anonymo

Kamil “⁠KEi⁠” Pietkun has announced that his future is up in the air after requesting to be moved to Anonymo‘s bench. In a brief Twitlonger post, the Polish player explained that he opted to step down from the team due to a “different perception about certain aspects.”

KEi has been in Anonymo‘s ranks since January, when he joined the then newly-formed organisation alongside Kacper “⁠Kylar⁠” Walukiewicz, Wiktor “⁠mynio⁠” Kruk and 2014 EMS One Katowice champion Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski.

KEi is moved to Anonymo’s bench after six months with the team

The Polish team, who later picked up Paweł “⁠innocent⁠” Mocek on a permanent basis, found their way into Flashpoint 3 through the open qualifiers and even took NIP‘s scalp in the first round of the Regional Major Ranking tournament before the final map of that series had to be replayed due to connection issues experienced by the Swedish team throughout the series.

But Anonymo, who ended up losing the replay and finishing the RMR tournament in 12th place, were unable to replicate the same form in their following tournaments. The Polish team will have to play the ESEA Premier Relegation stage after finishing Season 37 in 15th-16th place, and they had to settle for a 9th-12th place in Spring Sweet Spring 3 after losing to 1WIN in the first round of the playoffs.

“KEi just didn’t feel comfortable in the team anymore, he has a vision of the game that is slightly different from that of the team,” mynio told “There is no bad blood or anything, we all accepted his decision and we are still good friends.

“We are not sure about the replacement yet. We will try out some players soon, and probably nothing will be official until after the player break is over.”

Anonymo‘s roster now looks as follows:

PolandJanusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski
PolandKacper “⁠Kylar⁠” Walukiewicz
PolandWiktor “⁠mynio⁠” Kruk
PolandPaweł “⁠innocent⁠” Mocek

PolandAdrian “⁠imd⁠” Pieper (coach)

PolandKamil “⁠KEi⁠” Pietkun (benched)

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