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O PLANO, Extra Salt to meet in DH Open June grand final

The finalists of DreamHack Open June North America have been determined following the conclusion of the semi-final match-ups, in which O PLANO were able to outlast Party Astronauts in a three-map series, and Extra Salt prevailed 2-1 over paiN.

It was a strong start on Mirage that kicked off the series for Party Astronauts, who converted a small lead at halftime into a narrow 16-13 victory, only to falter on Nuke where O PLANO took firm control, securing the map 16-9.

Inferno was a more competitive affair as, like on Mirage, the teams remained deadlocked at halftime, but it ended in a heartbreak situation for Party Astronauts as they couldn’t close out a 13-9 lead, with O PLANO pulling off a comeback to edge out a victory in thirty rounds.

vsm and company will meet Extra Salt in the grand final

Extra Salt, meanwhile, suffered an early loss on Inferno, but recovered by delivering a battering on Vertigo, where they came out the victors, 16-6. The decider map, Ancient, began with narrow margins as paiN traded rounds with Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou‘s side, but the second half went firmly in the favour of Extra Salt as they conceded just two rounds en route to a 16-11 map win.

The best-of-five grand final between O PLANO and Extra Salt will kick off at 21:00