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Renewal complete flawless DH Open June Asia run to qualify for IEM Fall

DreamHack Open June, which took place on June 30 – July 3 and had four teams in the competition, was concluded on Saturday. With Chinese powerhouse squads TYLOO and ViCi absent from the tournament, Renewal rose to the occasion and claimed the $16,000 first-place prize, as well as a spot at IEM Fall.

13 rounds was the most a team got against Renewal at the event

Coming all the way from the open qualifier, the team formerly known as TIGER had to beat the likes of Invictus, Wings Up, and NKT to even get to the main stage, where they trounced their opposition.

A 2-0 win in the opening match against Vadim “⁠V4D1M⁠” Panchuk‘s Lynn Vision saw Gan-Erdene “⁠dobu⁠” Batbold and co. advance to the upper bracket final where they took down Checkmate 2-0. Renewal repeated that feat in the grand final rematch (3-0), claiming the title without a single map lost.

Although dobu, Batbayar “⁠kabal⁠” Bat-Enkh, and Yesuntumur “⁠nin9⁠” Gantulga are the Renewal players most recognizable internationally, it was the two young guns Uuganbayar “⁠NEUZ⁠” Nyam-Otgon and Boldbaatar “⁠rate⁠” Tengis that stood out at this event. The 21-year-old NEUZ put up a stunning tournament-high 1.48 rating over six maps, with 18-year-old rate following with a 1.34 rating.

Renewal, who are currently ranked No. 110 in the world, will be hoping to make the most out of their international trip for IEM Fall in late September. Their results ahead of DreamHack Open June Asia include winning ESEA Premier S36 Asia-Pacific in April, as well as an underwhelming last-place exit from Perfect World League Season 1, the first Regional Major Ranking event for Asia in 2021.



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