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MIBR reveal academy tryout process

MIBR have revealed more details about their academy tryout program, called “Feitos no Brasil” (the translation of which means “Made in Brazil”). The community event, which began on July 7 and will run until August 8, will see one player earn a spot in the recently announced MIBR academy squad.

During the first three weeks of the program, MIBR strategic coach Renato “⁠nak⁠” Nakano will monitor leagues and lobby matches on Gamers Club, Brazil’s largest matchmaking platform, to look for promising talents. The community will be able to follow the selection process on nak’s Twitch channel, where he will analyse the skills and strategies of some of the players on his shortlist.

The top 20 candidates will be split into four teams for two weeks to practice and compete in an event called “Feitos no Brasil Tournament by Betway”. And while the scouting process has been designed to consider individual performance, the best performing player of the tournament will not necessarily be the one joining the academy. The final decision will be made by nak and academy coach Henrique “⁠rikz⁠” Waku, who recently left DETONA after nearly three years in charge of the team.

“We expect to find someone who can compete at the academy level, but we are also looking for a player that stands for MIBR’s values,” nak said. “I am extremely excited to share this responsibility side by side with rikz, who is a coach I have worked with previously and a good friend of mine.”

Players can apply for “Feitos no Brasil” by heading over to the program’s official website. All applicants must be at least 13 years old to take part in the tryout.

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