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IEM Cologne group stage Fantasy winners found, playoffs game live

The team list for the third and final phase of IEM Cologne has been finalized as FaZe snatched the last playoff spot at the premier LAN event over Heroic. Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen‘s men joined Natus Vincere, G2, Astralis, Gambit, and in the knockout stage, with members of each team available for selection in the Fantasy game.

Priced just $206,000, electronic was a must-have in groups

In the group stage game, the three highest-placed users in the HLTV x Bitskins league secured themselves valuable skin prizes with teams featuring a combination of Natus Vincere, G2, and FaZe players. Boasting 458 points (55 from boosters), “Untitled_God” took the main prize :

1. UkraineUntitled_God – 458 points – BF Gloves | Unhinged (FT)
2. PolandProJumz – 452 points – M4A1-S | Dark Water (FT)
3. Swedenicequege – 450 points – USP-S | Dark Water (FT)

Slavic players dominated the list of best performers in the group stage Fantasy, with Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev and Denis “⁠electronic⁠” Sharipov featuring from Natus Vincere, cousins Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač and Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač representing G2, and Gambit‘s Dmitry “⁠sh1ro⁠” Sokolov closing out the list.

Top five players in IEM Cologne group stage Fantasy:

1. UkraineAleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev – 126 points
2. Bosnia and HerzegovinaNikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač – 90 points
3. RussiaDenis “⁠electronic⁠” Sharipov – 79 points
4. Bosnia and HerzegovinaNemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač – 78 points
5. RussiaDmitry “⁠sh1ro⁠” Sokolov – 65 points

Alongside two of the best players of the event, Vladislav “⁠nafany⁠” Gorshkov, Audric “⁠JaCkz⁠” Jug, and Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy made the ideal lineup for the group stage, while s1mple, despite his stellar performances, missed out due to his hefty price tag ($249,000).

Ideal team for the IEM Cologne group stage Fantasy:

Bosnia and HerzegovinaNiKo (Camper): 66 + 24 +17 = 107 points
Russiaelectronic (Attacker): 55 + 24 + 12 = 91 points
Russianafany (Entry fragger): 45 + 15 + 20 = 80 points
FranceJaCkz (HS Machine): 34 + 24 + 20 = 78 points
RussiaPerfecto (Leader): 33 + 24 + 20 = 77 points
Total: 433 points (without boosters)

As the group stage is finalized, the HLTV x Bitskins league for the playoffs is open for action, where the following prizes are up for grabs:

1. Classic Knife | Blue Steel (Field-Tested)
2. AWP | Containment Breach (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Neon Rider (Field-Tested)

Users must abide by the Fantasy ruleset in order to win prizes. The winners of the official Fantasy leagues will be contacted via the email provided in their HLTV profile, and are required to respond to the email within a month to be eligible to receive their prizes.

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