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fnatic reveal academy roster |

fnatic has announced the composition of its new fnatic Rising roster built around the main team’s substitute player, Peppe “⁠Peppzor⁠” Borak, and former analyst, Kevin “⁠Kevve⁠” Bohlin, who will serve as their in-game leader.

The organization has completed the lineup with young players from Romania, Portugal, and Germany. The AWPing role has been filled by former GameAgents sniper Iulian “⁠regali⁠” Harjău after he impressed on the lower-tier scene, while Francisco “⁠kst⁠” Fragoso and ex-ALTERNATE aTTaX‘s David “⁠prosus⁠” Hesse will take up rifling duties in the team.

Former GameAgents member regali will be the team’s AWPer

The organization has revealed that the academy team will serve as a “dynamic roster, rotating between players and young talent throughout the season of the WePlay league.”

“Our goal is to operate under one unified structure across the main roster and this new academy team,” Andreas “⁠Samuelsson⁠” Samuelsson, who has transitioned from the role of the coach to the team director, said in a statement. “This will allow us to ensure there is a key transfer of knowledge and experience between the two.”

The fnatic Rising squad was announced just hours ahead of the kick-off of the WePlay Academy League’s first season, in which they will take part alongside the secondary teams of several other top organizations, such as Young Ninjas, NAVI Junior, and Astralis Talent.

The European mixture will make their debut in the academy league’s round-robin group stage on Monday at 21:00