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Video: s1mple – HLTV MVP of IEM Cologne

The Ukrainian superstar put up one of his best performances of all time at IEM Cologne, boasting a 1.51 rating across 14 maps played to claim the MVP award by HLTV and – the 15th MVP of his career.

s1mple continues to amaze in 2021

Alongside the best rating at the LAN event (0.19 higher than the second-best player), s1mple was a standout in a number of different categories such as KPR, KAST, impact rating, ADR, and DPR, but also broke the record for most aces at a Big event by cleaning up four rounds single-handedly.

s1mple‘s penta kills against Renegades, Astralis, and G2 are all part of the fragmovie, which also includes explosive multikills and thrilling clutches he graced the viewers with during the first LAN event since March 2020.

Click play on the video below to see the plays that ensured s1mple‘s fourth MVP award of the year in a highlight movie made by Filip “filq” Szatkowski:

You can find the rest of’s highlights, as well as previous episodes of the HLTV Confirmed show, by heading over to our official YouTube channel.

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