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Valve launches $1 million Workshop contest

Valve have launched a $1 million Workshop contest, in which the CS:GO developers are looking for the ten best original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes. The competition is set to begin on July 22, and artwork can be submitted until October 21.

The company has encouraged skin designers to either adapt existing works or create entirely new art in their submissions. The winners, chosen by November 21, will be awarded $100,000 each and have their artwork shipped in the game in the form of a new case called Dreams & Nightmares.

The developers have selected 17 specific weapons for the case, which are listed here. To help explain the process of selection of the skins that make it into a CS:GO case, Valve have a style guide for weapon finishes available, in which they go over key factors that determine the tiers of skins and whether they end up getting accepted, such as their salience, or recognizability.

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