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Wisla Krakow announce Markoś⁠ signing

The Polish side has completed their lineup after penning a deal with a new AWPer.

Kuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski has officially become a member of Wisla Krakow, signing a deal with the team after a month-long stand-in period for the squad. The 22-year-old takes over the main AWP role on the team, filling in the gap left by Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz stepping down.

“Markoś will be our new sniper. I am glad that we can finally officially announce it. Kuba [Markoś] found himself in the team and I believe that we will be successful together,” the team’s coach Mariusz “⁠Loord⁠” Cybulski said in the announcement.

Markoś⁠ has been stellar since linking up with SZPERO and co.

Over the 37 maps played for the Polish squad so far, the 22-year-old sniper averaged a stunning 1.24 rating, delivering against top teams as well (1.10 rating vs. top 20). Markoś‘ performances helped Wisla Krakow to a 5-8th finish in Spring Sweet Spring 2, with their current focus being ESEA Premier where they sit on 2W-2L record.

“I felt that it could be a turning point in my career so far”, Markoś said about the opportunity to join Wisla Krakow. “I hope that we will create a strong team which will make it to the top 30 and will compete with the best teams as equals.” The organization added that they will hold a bootcamp at the stadium of the Wisla Krakow football club in the near future.

Wisla Krakow are now:

PolandGrzegorz “⁠SZPERO⁠” Dziamałek
PolandPatryk “⁠ponczek⁠” Wites
PolandGrzegorz “⁠jedqr⁠” Jędras
PolandKrzysiek “⁠Goofy⁠” Gorski
PolandKuba “⁠Markoś⁠” Markowski

PolandMariusz “⁠Loord⁠” Cybulski (coach)

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x6tence announce youth roster led by SOKER

x6tence have announced their return to CS:GO two months after parting ways with their Danish team, going back to their roots with a Spanish roster made up of five youngsters, all between 15 and 17 years of age, and the team’s captain, 27-year-old Aitor “⁠SOKER⁠” Fernández.

The new x6tence team is the continuation of the former Movistar Riders and Tempo Storm player’s personal project to create a youth squad, which started out with weeks of tryouts at the beginning of the year aimed at bringing up a new generation of Spanish youngsters while many older players, teams and tournament organizers in the Iberian country decided to set their sights on VALORANT.

SOKER returns to x6tence with the incorporation of his youth project

There have been several changes since the team’s inception, from its initial phases up until its incorporation to the x6tence organization, including the loss of coach David “⁠Kairi⁠” de Miguel, who will spearhead his own project with a new Spanish organization set to be announced soon, as well as that of SOKER‘s former Movistar Riders and Wygers teammate Raúl “⁠DeathZz⁠” Jordán Nieto, who also departed the team before it joined x6tence.

Two old-school members of the Spanish 1.6 scene have been brought on to coach the youngsters in Kairi‘s stead, former Last Tribe players Alfonso “ALF” Peralta and Pablo “Khorne” Aranda.

“We created this project to take up-and-coming players, compete with them, and mold them into great players,” SOKER said in an interview with Spanish caster Pitu Herranz after the team’s presentation, “I want these players to become better than anyone else that is or will be on the market in Spain, that’s my idea, and I believe x6tence thinks the same way I do.

“This is a long-term project and we may not be the best team right now, but we’re going to work hard” the 27-year-old added, “my goal is to make these youngsters the best players and teammates they can possibly be to face all of the challenges that will come our way.”

x6tence is now comprised of:

SpainAitor “⁠SOKER⁠” Fernández
SpainSalvador “⁠Vaircuss⁠” Dorado
Bulgaria Preslav “PreSs” Plamenov
Spain Máximo “hadess” Arnal
Spain Roger “roGerzz” Bonilla
Spain Aarón “flowX” Sampedro

Spain Alfonso “ALF” Peralta (Coach)
Spain Pablo “Khorne” Aranda (Coach)

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Club Brugge announce CS:GO roster

Club Brugge have announced that they have entered Counter-Strike with the signing of the MAESTRO quintet, featuring the core of the Tenerife Titans team that won the ESL Proximus Championship Winter 2019, it was announced on Tuesday.

Steven “⁠Stev0se⁠” Rombaut, Robin “⁠simix⁠” Bynens and Richard “⁠ritchiEE⁠” Mestdagh, who also played together in teams like LowLandLions and Epsilon, are joined by Polish pair Mateusz “⁠matty⁠” Kołodziejczyk and Mateusz “⁠n0tice⁠” Wolniak in the squad. The former represented Izako Boars for almost two years between August 2017 and June 2019, while the latter most notably competed for Illuminar as a substitute in Betway Nine to Five 5 last year.

Club Brugge have added a CS:GO team to their esports division

Club Brugge add to an ever-growing list of football clubs involved in competitive Counter-Strike. Last week, Argentinian side Boca Juniors announced their own team, featuring former Furious duo Facundo “⁠minimal⁠” Pereyra and Eduardo “⁠laser⁠” Chshekin.

Brugge‘s debut match is scheduled for February 11 in the spring split of Elite Series Season 1, a €15,000 ($17,775) tournament series dedicated to developing Benelux teams.

The complete Brugge roster is:

Belgium Steven “⁠Stev0se⁠” Rombaut
Belgium Robin “⁠simix⁠” Bynens
Belgium Richard “⁠ritchiEE⁠” Mestdagh
Poland Mateusz “⁠matty⁠” Kołodziejczyk
Poland Mateusz “⁠n0tice⁠” Wolniak

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ottoNd, EspiranTo announce free agency

Otto “⁠ottoNd⁠” Sihvo and Rokas “⁠EspiranTo⁠” Milasauskas are no longer members of c0ntact, the duo has announced on Twitter on Wednesday. The news was released exactly a year after they completed the transfer to c0ntact from their former organization CR4ZY.

ottoNd is now a free agent

c0ntact‘s first year in CS:GO has been a disappointing one, seeing the roster drop from the 20th place in the world ranking to #46 in December of last year, when they announced that they are open to offers for their players.

ottoNd and EspiranTo were the only two players to stick around the whole year, playing 121 and 115 maps in 2020, respectively. Not including trial player Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield, the Finnish AWPer posted the highest rating for c0ntact this year, 1.09, followed by the Lithuanian rifler at 1.06.

On Twitter, EspiranTo noted that he is “ready to compete and play whatever role needed”, while ottoNd mentioned that he is “ready to do whatever it takes”.

From the remaining players that represented c0ntact at the end of 2020, Rigon “⁠rigoN⁠” Gashi has already announced his free agency, while reports have linked Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi and Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer to ENCE as a part of a six-man roster.

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Endpoint announce academy program |

Endpoint have revealed their newest initiative, named Endpoint ROG Academy, which aims to provide up-and-coming UK players with the support needed to begin their journey to become a professional.

Alongside the academy, Endpoint will also be launching two hubs, one for scouting new talents and another for players across all skill groups to compete for prizes.

Academy players could feature for the main roster in the future

The academy will be spearheaded by head coach George “⁠Whitey⁠” White, who initially had the idea of setting up a path to pro model in the UK from his experience as a football coach with hopes of equipping young players with the skill sets needed to progress in the scene and beyond.

“I look forward to putting my heart and soul into this academy project and showcasing the journey every step of the way with content, stay tuned!,” he said in a statement.

Endpoint will financially support the project by sending the team to numerous local LAN events as well as providing bootcamp facilities. Media content will also be released regularly by the organisation to showcase the development of the players through behind-the-scenes clips and inspire new players in the future.

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ATK announce North America move

The South African roster will head to Canada with the intention of qualifying for ESEA Premier and becoming a top-five team in North America.

On a podcast, ATK have announced their intention to move to North America to continue their development. Daniel “⁠sprayxd⁠” Kogan, the team’s coach, told that they plan to arrive in the region in April for ESEA Season 37, or by July for Season 38.

The journey would see the ATK organisation make its second appearance in North America after previously housing the core the Extra Salt lineup in 2019. Rhys “⁠Fadey⁠” Armstrong is the most recognizable name in the South African squad, having played for the organisation’s previous team before being replaced in September 2019 following a roster overhaul.

Fadey looks to make a return to North America

ATK have won their last eight domestic events, cementing their place as the clear No. 1 team in the country. sprayxd also told that the players are looking into the possibility of a month-long bootcamp in Europe prior to their move to North America, where they will look to find a team house in Canada.

ATK‘s roster consists of:

South Africa Josh “⁠bLazE⁠” Saunders
South Africa Gareth “⁠MisteM⁠” Ries
South Africa Rhys “⁠Fadey⁠” Armstrong
South Africa Aaron “⁠SloWye⁠” van der Walt
South Africa Wiljahne “⁠mango⁠” Smith

Israel Daniel “⁠sprayxd⁠” Kogan (coach)

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